Chapter Wise Solutions Sheet

Chapter Wise Solutions Sheet :
  1. A Sheet is typically a topic wise collection of problems in each subject i.e P,C & M/P,C&B. It is provided to the students as printed Study Material (topic wise).
  2. The objective of the Sheet is to achieve perfection in a topic while it is being taught through rigorous practice of variety of problems of various levels.
  3. The entire syllabus of JEE(Main+Advanced)/JEE(Main)/NEET(AIPMT) is approximately divided into 25 to 30 Sheets in each subject.
  4. The contents of the Sheet starts with summarized theory related to the particular topic; which is provided for a quick review of the topic.
  5. A students learns/attempts around 20000/15000 problems through Sheets in a two/one year course/program respectively.
  6. Every Sheet includes problems which are sequentially segregated in exercise of four different levels. Exercise 1 comprises of conceptual problems which require fundamental knowledge of the topic; thus it helps the student feel confident about the preparation of that particular topic immediately he/ she complete the topic. It is further divided into two parts i.e. Part-A (Subjective Problems) & Part-B (Objective Problems). Each part is divided in various sequential section of the topic. In Exercise 2 the toughness of problems gradually increases. It is further divided into two parts i.e. Part-A (Subjective Problems) and Part-B (Objective Questions of Single Choice & Multiple Choice). The Exercise 3 further consists of 4-5 parts wherein variety of problems like Match the Column, Comprehension, Assertion & Reason, True & False and Fill in the Blanks etc. are included with the objective of practice of almost all the variety of problems. Exercise 4 consists of problems asked in JEE(Main+Advanced)/JEE(Main)/NEET(AIPMT) in last 10 Years.
  7. The Answers for all the problems are provided at the end of the Sheet for reference to the students.
  8. After each Theory Class; the student is assigned to attempt some problems from the Sheet (keeping in mind around 15 Questions Per Lecture Per Subject) as Home Work. Further, these problems are discussed in the successive Theory Class for better understanding of the concepts/fundamentals of the portion of topic taught in the previous class.
  9. The selection of Problems is very specific in nature, covering each and every aspect of the theory and fundamentals/concepts of the topic.
  10. The contents of the Sheet ends with Miscellaneous Question Bank (MQB) - which is a set of additional but jumbled problems and is meant for those students who want more problems to practice. It is further divided into two parts i.e. MQB-I (Objective Questions) and MQB-II (Subjective Questions). The problems of MQB are not discussed in the Classroom but solutions of MQB are provided to the students.
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